Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Day Away

Anderson Cooper, a.k.a. The Energizer Bunny
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, it's only a day away." 

So goes the popular song. Usually I feel that way, but this particular tomorrow is not all that promising: It's either the end of the world or the one-week anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. Either way it will be painful, although the first scenario will at least be quick while the second will go on and on and on, with a whole lot of heart-wrenching sappiness over at soap-opera central, CNN. In either event, most likely Anderson Cooper will survive and interview anything still breathing.

I intend to make this day count, because as my grandfather always said, "You never know. " God bless all of you, and thanks for reading. And Zack: If there are phones in the next life, call me!


  1. and now you believe in an afterlife?

    1. are you paying attention? I have written about the afterlife many times, I look forward to's got to better than this!