Thursday, June 29, 2017

Black's, White's and Grey's Anatomies

I recently came across an incendiary article online that strongly suggested I "get over my white feelings" and start doing things to support the Black Lives Matter movement. According to this particular author, "Black lives matter more than white feelings." Let me say right here and now, that is a pretty racist statement with which I wholeheartedly disagree. Plus, I'm not even sure how to get over my white feelings, or which ones they might be.

Black or white? Hard to tell.
Like it or not, I am white. I was born white and have not done anything to change it (despite all those years back in high school spent at the Malibu Beach Club slathered with Coppertone and holding a cardboard, tin-foil covered triptych under my face, long before the invention SPF).  Since my parents were white, and their parents before them, I assume every single feeling I have is a "white" feeling. Exactly which ones should I jettison? Would  the one that made me choose the word  "jettison" instead of a lesser word like trash or dump have to go? You know, that whole fancy vocabulary thing?

Also, I actually like white people, although oddly enough my three favorite characters on Grey's Anatomy, a TV show I got hooked on while couch-bound following hip surgery a year ago, are all played by black actors -- actually four if you count Jackson (see photo) but he's only half-black with a dash of Seminole. Anyway, I'll bet none of them are members of Black Lives Matter, and if you asked them they'd likely say that Grey Lives matter much more.

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