Friday, July 15, 2016

The Deviant Double Standard

I find the subject of what other people do with their genitals to be a big snore, but be sure to wake me when mine are involved. If it's up to me homosexuals of all genders can be proud every day and get married to each other and change body parts and wear lace panties or combat boots or lace panties with combat boots til the cows come home, I don't give a shit, and I've got more than a few longtime gay friends and several family members to prove it. But while I personally feel no animosity towards gays or lesbians, still it bugs me that people who do not feel as I do, who are in fact deeply bothered by the mere thought of people of the same gender engaging in sexual activity, or even getting married to one another, are not afforded the same tolerance we are all urged to extend to those seeking to live an alternative lifestyle. Not at all, in fact they are run out of town on a rail, if such a thing happens anymore.

Today on Facebook I saw a negative comment, one of roughly a billion posted by Democrats, about Indiana's Governor Mike Pence, just named Donald Trump's running mate. The person called Pence "a walking bag of shit." The comment naturally received scores of "likes." I did a little sleuthing and found that the person who wrote that is a transgender or transsexual or cross-dressing homosexual woman or man, all or some of the above I wasn't sure from the pictures. Just imagine if a straight person dared to call him or her a "walking bag of shit."

America is supposedly a "melting pot" of colors and creeds and religions, a haven of free speech and thus free thought, yet we're all supposed to feel exactly the same way about certain social issues or look out! Some personal opinions are allowed, like about who makes the best potato chips -- I say Wise-- and which kind of antacid works best (Pepto-Bismol) and others aren't, and you'd better know the story about the latter or you'll be sorry.


  1. The plainly anti-gay, bigoted Republican platform, written by several devout Christians with multiple births, is one of those social issues... So look out!

    If there isn't enough to dislike about the Donald, many of his supporters are absolutely my enemies.

  2. you have not addressed my core question: can people have differing viewpoints without being your enemy?