Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy, Healthy Holiday

Patriotic Oatmeal

Happy Fourth of July, whatever that means. Different things to different people, I suppose. For my young friend Luke Robertson it means he is now thirty-one years old as today is his birthday. (Happy Birthday Luke!) For many others it is an opportunity to barbecue meats and save money on purchases. One ad I saw summed it up perfectly: "Happy 4th! Light the grill and enjoy 25% off at SPEEDO.USA." Honestly, having quite recently purchased a new bathing suit from Speedo at full price, I was somewhat annoyed to learn that if I had just waited a week I could have saved a bundle.

Besides that, what the holiday brings up for me for me is a sad memory: it's the day after my grandfather died, forty-eight years ago. I'll never forget it because that was the only time I was alone with someone when they died. And since he was Jewish, and the Jews insist on burying their dead within 24 hours, it was problematic that all the funeral people were off the next day, it being July 4th, so Grandpa was a day late getting to Heaven. This must have upset him as he always took pride in his punctuality.

But that's just me. Determined to cheer up and celebrate Independence Day appropriately in some small way, I dumped some blueberries and strawberries into my bowl of oatmeal this morning and got that whole red, white and blue thing going. Besides being patriotic it was extremely healthy, berries being high in antioxidants and oatmeal loaded with calcium and potassium.

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