Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Trouble on the Homefront

I'm sorry, but for the time being please don't ask me to "keep an open mind" when it comes to Muslims, or in fact members of any religious group. While I am confident that there are many fine people among them, I am currently not interested in getting to know them, feeling their pain, traveling on an airplane with them, living next door to them or going out clubbing with them. Sue me.

The latest ISIS-inspired terror attack, which took place last night and ended the lives of forty-nine innocents inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, was, for me, the last straw.  My slowly-closing mind had still been a teeny bit open, but now it's slammed shut. If I see something I shall say something, but I'm sure I won't see something since from now on I will likely remain at home as much as possible, and keep my head down and eyes averted when I am out in public. I have suffered too many weird illnesses and undergone my fair share of pain and sorrow to suffer a random death at the hands of a misguided lunatic.

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