Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grateful for Bananas

So far today I have been awake about four hours and nothing terrible has happened, unless you count my random blood pressure spike of 207/90, determined by my home blood pressure monitor, which in turn brought on intense dread, fear and loathing, tears, dizziness and a deep sense of hopelessness. Unwilling to give in to it, I popped a few meds, ate a stalk of celery, downed a glass of water and turned on a Buddhist podcast from Tara Brach entitled "Happy for No Reason," figuring my current situation certainly fit that description. Tara helped, instructing me to recognize what was going on, allow it to be there, and focus on the things for which I am grateful. (Turns out much of Buddhist teachings are a variation of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music singing "My Favorite Things.") I started to feel better quickly, but the real magic bullet was the banana.

Bananas are almost mystical in their powers. In addition to their sweet taste, silly shape, amusing packaging and easy availability, they are filled with potassium and fiber and thus instantly cure much of what ails you, within reason. Be it high blood pressure, high cholesterol, intestinal problems, low energy or depression, bananas fix them all. It seems quite sensible to enjoy two a day. In fact, if I were a young Hollywood starlet with a baby on the way, I would name that baby Banana. After all, there's already an Apple running around Rodeo Drive.

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