Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What's the Deal with TV Reporters?

TV reporters are a sick breed. They are egotistical, narcissistic, superficial nitwits who suck the blood of famous people, and that's being kind. They live in their own little world, where the "news" is petty and unimportant to everyone but them. There are huge important issues facing the country, but these weirdos can only talk about the silliest, scummiest least important aspects of the campaign, like Donald Trump posted a photo Ted Cruz's wife, and Ted Cruz said he would "Blah, blah, blah," and then Trump said "Tweet, tweet, tweet." The reporters simply cannot drop it, constantly inflating this teeny, little thing into a huge, non-story they blabber about over and over and over.

Now there's this thing with Trump's campaign manager who supposedly pushed a reporter and bruised her arm.  At first she claimed he "pushed her to the ground," but when a video surfaced showing she was hardly touched at all she changed her story, and now the campaign manager is being charged with "simple battery." This is all they can yammer about, like little babies who just learned how to talk. The most egregious of them are on CNN, led by Anderson Cooper, and they include Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger and Erin Burnett and Don Lemon and Donna Brazil and Betty Boop and Archie and Veronica and Ad Nauseum. Over on FOX they have their own lunatic bunch, as they do at a few other stations. The whole lot of them are nuts, thinking they actually contribute something to society.

If you ask me, that Trump campaign manager who pushed the reporter was indeed dead wrong! He should have punched her in the face and stomped on her a little so she would stop stalking people and go home and find a real job.

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