Friday, March 18, 2016

Stuck With a Problem

Someone should tell this guy how his hat works.
It's almost impossible to get through an entire day without noticing something really stupid. I am hoping for an intellectual revolution, forget about the Mexicans and the border and the Muslims and all the rest. When will the few remaining smart people rise up and demand less stupidity?

There is a new prescription drug being advertised quite vigorously that is expressly for people who suffer from constipation that is caused by taking prescription drugs. Apparently this is a different kind of constipation; one wonders just how it differs. I mean really, if you can't go, how different can it be? And who cares what caused it? Anyway, the normal kind of constipation already has remedies available, but for some reason they won't work for the new kind of constipation.

So I'm wondering: are they kidding? Just what drugs are those pill-makers taking anyway? How dumb are humans going to get, and will there be a pill for that? Or at the very least, a baseball cap?

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