Thursday, March 24, 2016

Please, Make it Stop

If you just landed here from Mars, woke up from a coma or simply started paying attention, hold onto your hats, because following is a no-holds-barred explanation of how our political system works here in these severely un-united states of America:

The #1 Republican candidate (Donald Trump) is a childish narcissist that most people despise, except for his cracked-in-the-head supporters who love him to death. In fact, the leaders of his own political party are conspiring how to kick him out of first place instead of embracing him and helping him win the coveted prize, which is at the very least counter-productive.

The #2 guy (Ted Cruz) is a despicable sleazeball said to be "the most hated man in Washington," yet compared to the front-runner he is suddenly akin to "The Flying Nun." The party leaders want him to be the front-runner, and so to that end they are hoping the #3 guy (John Kasich), who is all sweetness and light and the closest to actually being "The Flying Nun," will drop out of the race entirely so Sleazeball can get his votes.

Here's the rub: In national poll after national poll, both the Narcissist and the Sleazeball lose miserably in a match-up with the Democratic front-runner (Shrillary Clinton), while the Flying Nun totally knocks her out of the ring, soaring straight into the Oval Office.

Just think: it's March. Only eight more months to go.....

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