Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Last Act

If I were a tree and you sliced me in half and counted my rings you would learn that I am 69 years old. Of course it's much easier -- and far less bloody, since I am actually not a tree -- to go online and learn that information in a heartbeat. To put my age in perspective, Cher, Laura Bush, Sally Field, Candice Bergen, Liza Minelli, Susan Sarandon, Patty Duke, Suzanne Somers, Hayley Mills, Andrea Mitchell, Patti Smith and Lesley Ann Warren are also 69. Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler are already 70. Ridiculously, Tina Turner is 76.

I am in reasonable shape, acceptable health, and of incredibly sound mind. That last attribute has contributed most heavily to my decision to move to Israel in my 70th year. From time to time over the coming months I will write about how I am preparing for this life-changing event scheduled for next March, I should live so long. The stodgier among you may wonder, why Israel? In fact, why move at all at this late date?

First of all, I'm a Jew, and proud of it. In fact, I love Jews. They are smart, funny, insightful and warm. It seems like a good time to live surrounded by them instead of by tight-lipped, cold-hearted Mainers who couldn't pick a decent bagel out of a lineup. Couple that with the current state of America's diminishing core values,  aided and abetted by the rise of the media class with its unceasing barrage of insidious, slanted and embarrassing self-aggrandizement rather than honest reportage of things we need to know, and I'm ready to go. And let's face it, getting old in the US is not all that attractive an idea.

All my art is for sale, cheap. I will be posting one painting a day in all future posts, with sizes and prices. Let me know if you want anything. As for today, I present a picture of what 76 years old looks like in the year 2016.

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  1. I'm looking forward to my trip there in May. Maybe I'll get to see Jerusalem this time!