Monday, June 23, 2014

The Latest Craze

According to my independent research, not funded by any government and taken directly from my blog stats, more people want to read about fat women in bikinis or fat people in general than dead folks sitting up, or even lying down, or being dead in any position. This is odd since we will all die but we will not all become fat. In fact, many people would rather die than be fat, yet death is still quite an unpopular subject. What is way more popular is gluten.

Or actually, gluten-free. While hard evidence suggest that the whole gluten thing is a relatively meaningless hoax except for those few unlucky souls who are actually allergic to it, pretty much everything for sale these days claims to be "gluten-free," even products that never had gluten in the first place and couldn't even use it if it tried. There is even a gluten-free dating website, ensuring that God forbid a million times, your partner should also never eat gluten.

I am wondering if I should get a gluten-free car when my current Saab lease ends.

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