Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No More Ads

Everybody wants my email address. By "everybody" I mean total strangers with something to sell, usually on the Internet. Just now I clicked on a photograph of an intriguing piece of furniture painted in an unusual way that I wanted to learn more about, but before I could, a message box came up that demanded my email address or I could go no further. (I went no further.)

What all these strangers don't know about me is that I have Reverse Advertising Syndrome (RAS), which results in my totally ignoring and actually blackballing any product I see in a commercial or a print ad. That one and only symptom of RAS pops up when someone insists that something I never heard of is really great, and then I don't want it. Consequently I am on my own when it comes to purchasing. This makes it all quite exciting to get something back home and see if it works, or tastes good, or whatever.

If everyone else contracted RAS, perhaps all those annoying ads would stop and that horrible Flo from the insurance company would finally go away.

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