Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hands Off My Teeth

Like everyone, we get a lot of junk mail at our house. Some days that's all there is, which accounts for the four giant recycling bins inside our tiny post office. Yesterday it was all junk except for one little newsletter from our local water department. Printed on a single sheet of legal-sized paper folded three times, it purported to be the 2013 Water Quality Report for the South Freeport Water District. I figured I'd better have a look, just in case they're poisoning us.

It turned out to be almost too boring to read, and incomprehensible to anyone lacking a degree in chemistry, but one thing jumped out at me that I could understand: they put fluoride in our water "to promote dental health." Despite being all for dental health,  and who isn't, that bothered me. How come "they" worry about my teeth but nothing else? Why not add a few vitamins and maybe a little fish oil to help with my arthritis? Besides, my teeth are not the issue but my high blood pressure is--maybe they've got something for that.

My husband is all for fluoride even though he doesn't like Common Core. Nobody seems to like Common Core, whereby the federal government decides what our kids should learn in school and when. (Funny how some government intervention is applauded but some is not.) If you ask me, a nice smile won't help you all that much if you can't read or do simple arithmetic.

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