Friday, November 15, 2013

If You Like Cats, Call Me

These could be your feet....
Ah, modern life--no wonder we are all so fat. Instead of getting up and out, the pull of the Internet and Netflix and the streaming this and tweeting that keeps one couch-bound more often than is advisable. So I am excited, elated, gleeful and relieved that my one and only son is off on a trip far, far away, sans computer, in a land full of odd and strange things that have kept him offline. Not that I don't miss hearing from him, but it's just more fun not hearing from him and imagining his wonderful adventures.

I look forward to finding myself in the same situation less than a month from today, when my husband and I will fly off to Barcelona. (Why Barcelona? Why not?) Our only problem is a time-worn one: Who will care for the cats? Seeking a pet sitter has been an annoying, depressing, time-consuming, stupid and frustrating pursuit, and almost makes travel not worth it. Once again I face the question that has no answer: What are pets for?

Anyway, if you know me and I know you, and you'd like to experience Maine in the winter which is really fun, especially in a beautiful house surrounded by woods, right near the water and with a great big hot tub outside your door, and get paid to do it, just say the word.

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