Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Even Worse Than Shingles

If I could charge people to read this blog, I'd die happy. Then again, if I could charge people to read this blog I'd probably drop dead from the shock. Anyway, that's not happening so no worry there. Making money is on my mind after lunching with a friend who was recently fired from her job with no warning and no prior convictions. Her boss just flipped out and told her, "I want you gone." Now she's scrambling to find work in a city known for little beyond tasty seafood and water views. A creative wordsmith and seasoned magazine editor, she'd have little trouble in another part of of the country, but finding editorial work in Portland, Maine is as rare as locating an open mind in the DNC. I know this because I have been job-hunting here myself for years. At the moment, the only editorial opening worth considering is so unappealing I shudder at the thought of actually getting it.

So I rake leaves. Of course, that's a seasonal thing, giving way to shoveling snow and after that, gardening. I also paint, read, take walks and do the laundry. It's what there is. Sometimes it's boring; today is one of those days. But at least there are no zombies trying to feast on my flesh, and for that I am thankful.

Brad Pitt attempting to reason with an undead guy.
I say that because last night I watched a movie called World War Z, which  was quite intense and realistic enough to make me lock my car doors on my drive into the city earlier today. Starring Brad Pitt as a super-brilliant, ordinary guy who saves the world from a virus that turns people into zombies in 12 seconds--that is one fast-acting virus--it's chock full of impressive zombie attacks, complete with bugging eyes, spurting blood and twitching limbs, all accompanied by lots of hissing. (Apparently dying and coming right back to life makes your blood boil, which would explain the sound.) It's much worse than shingles, and we all know how terrible that is just by watching those ads on TV. At least with shingles you've got time to plan. Plus, with the zombie thing, there's no vaccine. Anyway, while the film is devoid of any deeper meaning one can use in everyday life, even without that it earned $540 million at the box office when it opened several months back, which tells you that I am not the only one among us who is bored. A sequel is in the works, so we'll all have something to do on one day at least.

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