Monday, November 18, 2013

After the Monster Storm, Monster Reporters

He's on the scene, but she's going dancing after the news.
Tornadoes destroy homes. Rooftops fly off and trees are uprooted. Power goes out. Twisted metal, shattered glass, lives in ruin. Giant twisters. It's very windy. Dangerous, oh my God. Every tornado that hits a town destroys it. People caught in the path lose their homes, their cars, and sometimes their lives. Sad but true. We all know this.  It never changes, it's always the same.

And then come....the reporters. Like locusts, they descend upon the scene of a terrible tragedy and describe it. They ask the survivors:
What did it feel like? (An eternity.)
What did it sound like? (A train.)
How do you feel now? (My home is gone, my dog is dead, my kids are missing, but not too bad otherwise.)

Nosy gossips who earn huge salaries to put themselves in harm's way, I don't understand how they have risen to such heights in our society. And why they have to wear so much makeup. I just wish they would all stay home.

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