Friday, October 25, 2013

Open Letter to My Democratic Friends

Dear Sam, Patsy, Tony, Martha, Art, Debra, Sue, Bill, Ira, Rick and Keith:

I'm hoping one of you can help me out.  I wish I liked the new health plan called Obamacare, really I do, but what's to like? As far as I can tell, the new health plan:
1. is no better than the one I have now
2. may cause me to be dropped by my current insurer
3. may cause my current premiums to go up
4. forces poor people to get insurance or pay a fine

What was wrong with the way things were? We already were paying for poor people to get medical care, under Medicaid, and Medicare was already helping older people pay their medical bills. What will be gained, even if this program ever gets underway after all the glitches are ironed out by all those government contractors who are making small fortunes trying to fix the website that doesn't work, even though it's apparently nobody's fault that it doesn't? I am genuinely confused as to why you all thought it sounded like such a good idea. Help me to understand.

Who among us doesn't want to go forward?
And help me understand why you all love Obama so much. I know, I know--it's very cool to have a black president, I agree: It makes us seem so much less bigoted as a nation, despite the fact that we are such a bigoted nation. But really, he has not done a very good job, has he? So far all he has done is force-feed this health care program down our throats, and now it doesn't even work and he says it's not his fault. And besides his other mistakes, like spying on ordinary American citizens, now he's even gotten Angela Merkel, that nice German chancellor, angry because he's listening to her cell phone calls.

I'm so confused. Help me. Please. I'm begging.  After all, I want to go forward too.

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