Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is Anybody Listening?

It's getting sort of annoying that God has never spoken to me personally. After all, he talks to others: Several of my friends, and even my own sister, have recounted instances when they heard his voice and were instructed to do such and such. All kinds of people believe he exists, and in fact go to special buildings to worship him and receive instructions. And there's the Pope, of course, who's got a direct line, and all the other devotees who spend their lives in service to him. There are people who are cured by God, or saved from bad behavior like the alcoholics with the 12-steps, and blah, blah, blah, but I have never seen the slightest shred of evidence that he is out there.

And why not? What's wrong with me? I'm nice, despite the fact that I called a snooty woman who lives near me "snooty," which she is, believe me. That kind of straight-from-the-hip talk is my worst offense. Besides that, I'm a pretty good friend to Man: I give to charity, help those in need, lend a sympathetic ear--sometimes two-- and love animals. I don't kill bugs even though I hate them with every fiber of my being. I can't think of one person I have ever knowingly hurt, besides my old friend Richard who got so angry when I said it was ridiculous to believe those church wafers are actually part of Christ's body that he ended our 30-year friendship.

I say all this because I would welcome a little proof that somebody up there likes me. I think we all would. It's time for some divine intervention, with much of the world in ruins, suicide rates rising and global suffering growing daily. So I am calling on God for a sign--something--anything-- that he's got a plan. Of course, there's no reason to think he reads my blog, so this is likely falling on deaf ears--if he has ears.

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