Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beards and Baseball

One of the Boston Rabbis checking his glue...
I've been watching the World Series, since baseball is one of the few sports I actually understand, but this year it's hard. The Boston Red Sox have some weird beard thing going on, and the St. Louis Cardinals aren't exactly hairless. It's like watching a ragtag band of Hasidic rabbis, or maybe Amish hillbillies, playing against the Hollywood Hair Club for Men. It's distracting; I can't focus. All I can do is marvel at the hideousness and wonder if those things are real or just stuck on for the game.

Facial hair is an odd concept for most women, since we don't have any--or shouldn't. When we do we shriek in horror, cover the mirrors and get out the Nair. But for men, looking like our ancestral apes must be considered evidence of extreme virility, so I guess we can conclude that those Boston players are manly men. (Even though they're losing after the first three games.)

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