Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love Fades

Daisy suspects something...
Is it possible to divorce your cat? Because if it is, I definitely want to. Like many a marriage, ours has gone downhill after 18 years together, and the spunky kitty that once brightened my days is now responsible for--and I'm just guessing here--my annoyingly high blood pressure.

When did it happen and why is the question we ask ourselves when relationships sour. With Daisy and me it started about a year ago, maybe more. My once sweet and affectionate soul mate is now always cranky and demanding, and usually screeching. She cries often, perhaps from arthritis but maybe just from years of disappointment; sometimes I can actually make out the words, "Is that all there is?" She spends her days wanting to go in or out, depending on whether she is in or out. She eats a lot, yet always wants treats. She's basically a pain in the ass.

Complicating matters is the fact that my other cat, a fluffy and feisty four-year-old named Big Lurch, is fabulous. He is incredibly dignified, and very handsome, and hardly ever makes a sound. I like him so much better than Daisy but I can't let her know; it would break her heart. Even worse, Lurch and I are sleeping together, something I used to do with Daisy until she stopped coming upstairs. I think she suspects. I suppose I should feel guilty, but I don't--I'm just tired of all the sneaking around. I don't know how much longer I can carry on this charade.

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