Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't Bother Reading This

From now on I'm aiming for fewer readers instead of more. Then when I have no readers at all, I can say whatever I want without worry. This plan came to me after I recently met an acquaintance here in town who I particularly dislike and she mentioned that she read one of my blog posts and found it offensive. This made me feel two emotions: A, I was stunned that she reads my blog--I certainly would never read hers--and B, I was annoyed that she told me so. Relating this encounter to my husband and son, they said I should write a diary and not a blog, and that if it's online it's public, and yada, yada, yada. They suggested I keep it private and email it to a select few friends if I want readers.

That seems like a lot of trouble, and quite presumptuous; imagine getting this nonsense in an email! How annoying would that be?  So then I came up with the idea of having it just be dumb and boring so that nobody else will read it at all, thus making it my own personal diary except still online, with Gordon's illustrations or cartoons or whatever. Plus, I like going back months later and editing it, and besides I hardly ever write longhand anymore, I prefer typing. Thus I am starting the new plan with this very post.

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