Monday, July 29, 2013

What's For Lunch?

Gregory Hines, 1946-2003
About an hour ago I was happily driving along listening to music on my car radio when it ended rather abruptly and the news came on. Or rather, the "breaking news." The breaking news today was that Barack Obama was having lunch with Hillary Clinton. They were going to "catch up" since they have not seen each other in awhile. They were going to eat grilled chicken and pasta jambalaya.

Here's what I have to say about that. I don't care, and it's none of my business, but I think it is tacky to serve Hillary pasta when she is obviously battling a weight problem. I also don't understand how that comes under the category of news, breaking or otherwise. Who needs to know that, besides the White House chef? Nobody, that's who. So what is news? Earthquakes, tornadoes, alien invasions, war, mass murder, epidemics, poison in the water, deaths of world leaders, the disappearance of Air Force One in flight, talking dogs. Certainly not lunch between any two people I can think of, unless of course it is me and Gregory Hines. Now that would be news. (He's dead.)

Politicians are not supposed to be celebrities. They are supposed to be civil servants. I hope they are not taking a long lunch, because Obama has a job and this is a work day.

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