Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What About Us?

I just found out, sort of by accident while reading about something else, that there is an official term for people who are comfortable with their gender assigned at birth. If you are one of those people who does not want to alter your gender, you are cisgendered, which is the opposite of transgendered. This term exists so that transgendered people don't think they are in the wrong-- they're just another group of people.

Can political correctness get any more ridiculous? That's sort of like feeling sorry for people who can see just fine without glasses. Imagine the shame: they have perfect vision! No wonder they all run around in glasses with no prescription in them--they just want to be like everyone else. And what about this: I have always wanted better hair--smoother, and not frizzy in summer. Hey, don't laugh, I can't help it! It hurts--a lot--especially when I see those TV ads showing lustrous, silky hair. What about us, the ones with the frizzies? Are we ever given the respect we deserve? No, not at all. We are mocked, always mocked. We need a support group, and possibly our own public restroom.

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