Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still Waiting for the Future

When I saw the movie Blade Runner in 1982, I became excited about living long enough to get to that future world--the one where personal hovercrafts  fly to other planets and robots are a whole other species. I'm still waiting, but besides all the cell phones, everyday life seems stuck in the past.

Certainly some things have changed, but it happens so slowly we hardly notice, until one day all the female newscasters look like prostitutes, with their long hair draped suggestively over one eye and those big, sparkly earrings and tons of makeup and shiny, magenta blouses revealing deep cleavages and skirts slit up the leg, instead of the dignified librarians in tailored business suits of my childhood. Also, everyone is gay. Still, there are things in America where the needle has not budged since I was born, and that was almost two decades before the Beatles came and went.

For example, the racial animosity between blacks and whites is not only still around but seems to have gotten worse, despite all the laws enacted to end it and despite having a black man in the White House. Maybe that will just have to wait until Al Sharpton dies, or until they stop calling it the White House. Similarly, the open war between the Democrats and the Republicans is worse than ever, despite having a president who swore coming in to office that he would end the partisanship that runs rampant in the halls of Congress. And even though we all know what to eat in order to be healthy and certainly not to smoke cigarettes, McDonald's still boasts the trillions of burgers they have served and cigarettes are still quite popular, even at exorbitant prices. And speaking of the needle not budging, I still weigh 140, even though I have been dieting for the last 30 years.

Maybe tomorrow the future will get here. Whenever it shows up, I hope I'm thinner.

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