Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Low for Me

I am writing and posting this from the passenger seat of my car, going west on the Mass Pike. My husband is driving, which is pretty scary all the time, but even scarier now since I am not watching his every move and keeping us from certain death, but instead looking down at my computer, which is in my lap. Pretty wild, although you sort of wonder why it just isn't part of the dashboard already.

I am hooked to the Internet via some gadget called a "wireless air card." I guess this is about the most technologically advanced I have ever gotten., which is a good thing, but somehow I feel bad about it. But not too bad, since I am telling the world.

Anyway, we are driving to New York and have two hours to go, so if you want to play Words With Friends, I am up for it. Hope we don't crash.....Mitch is going 80!

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