Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Better Than Ipecac

Feeling slightly nauseous, like maybe you need to throw up to feel better? If so, I've got just the thing! I found a blog online that will do the trick nicely; it's called "Pink Chrysanthemum" (for some reason I did not bother to read), and this is its very first post which popped up when I searched my name on Google to see if I am wanted by the F.B.I. Here goes, and don't say I didn't warn you:

"To kick off my first blog post, let me list the top 3 things to do today to be cheerful, joyful and rest. 
 Smile--No matter what your situation, a smile will make it better. It doesn't matter if you got soaked in the rain and a bus splashed some muddy water all over your new clothes. Or you broke your favorite coffee mug. Smile, and see if you don't feel better. And if you don't, you really need to smile. 
Be purposeful--Whether you are cooking, reading, or mopping up a spill, be purposeful. Think about what you are doing, and focus on the task at hand. Just do. Don't be somewhere else. Enjoy what you are doing and get into the flow. 
Rest-- Take mini-breaks throughout the day. It can be as little as drinking some tea in silence. A few 5 minute breaks will make you feel like you have more time to get things done, than if you hurry through your day. This is also a way of resting your brain so it can be available to you when you switch to a task that needs more brain power. "

Okay Pinkie, here are some of my thoughts: A smile may help if you broke your favorite coffee mug, but really--no matter what your situation? What if you just learned you have Stage 4 melanoma, or if you haven't got the mortgage payment this month, or little Billy knocked up his girlfriend?  Still smiling? As for your other "tips," thanks for nothing. (Really, she must think we all just fell off a turnip truck this morning. See, this is what I hate about the Internet.)


  1. ew, look at that photo you posted.....have you EVER put your head that far down into the toilet to puke? I, like you, never puke. But I am sure if and when I ever do I will NEVER go that far down.
    amen on the pinky blog. gmwas. and make it a silver one.

    1. I would not know about how far down into the toilet one puts one's head, that is not my area of interest.

      What is "gmwas"? A silver one?

  2. I want to be purposeful about doing nothing and smile about it

  3. It may be a bit cheery, but it is better than the alternative...pissing and moaning.


  4. I truly believe that if bad things happen and you "smile" your way through and buck up and don't "piss and moan" about it, you will create a giant cancerous tumor somewhere in your body. Admittedly, you can be selective about your complaining, and do it in private or with a paid therapist, but if a bus splashes muddy water all over my new clothes, I am gonna be VERY PISSED OFF for at least a few minutes. If that happens and you just SMILE. you are obviously just plain nuts.

  5. There is a thin, tight line where my smile "should" be. False optimism is no panacea for humanity. I am cranky and unsettled. And why wouldn't I be? The world is a mixed up mess and I am right there with it.
    The reality of life is often that the day to day drudgery is not all that much fun. Frequent catastrophes often coincide with ceaseless stress. Feel free to call me negative. You will not be the first or the last.
    It is an unusually beautiful and warm day for the 20th of March, but I am not happy about it. --Liz Berks