Monday, March 12, 2012

Ads I Didn't Answer

In my daily quest to find paying work in the writing or education fields, I came across the following want ads, hot off the Internet. I resisted the temptation to correct typos, fix grammar or commit suicide. 

Looking for a co wrighter (anywhere)
I have a concept for a tv /movie series that I would like to work out with somone better capable of putting it to script, I have the ideas, however I have a hard time puttting them on paper (i know lol) but you get the idea I need a person that want's to take that chance. I can not pay, but if we work well together I will get this infront of the right people

Volunteers for building project
I am looking for help with a building project. I am a young women who made the mistake of trusting a guy. He was supposed to help me remodel, but instead ripped apart my house and then dissappeared. We are trying to get volunteers for the week of April vacation. Hopefully we can get the house put back together.

If you like coffee and you teach
This is something you have to see
Please reply I WANT TO KNOW MORE
if you would like to make extra money with coffee

feeler for post-Apocalyptic photo shoot
I am an amateur photographer with an interest in all things post apocalyptic. I am interested in doing a post-apocalyptic photo shoot in lewiston/auburn and trying to recruit people willing to participate. I cannot pay you, but I can share digital copies of the photos with you. Please contact me if you are willing to model or to help with costuming, props or locations.  

social media web content
requires FT/PT. individual proficient in; social media/Web content & design management, in-house events. and promotions, Graphic design background Preferable. New position must be self motivated, adaptable and able to change in a fast paced environment. Please submit resume.


  1. What is wrong with the last ad. If you are looking online, they are not written in English nor suppose to be.


  2. Just "the ability to change in a fast paced environment" seemed like an impossible task. Change what? Personality? Clothing? Hair and makeup? Your opinions?