Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nobody Asked Me!

Once you get past the anxiety caused by all those ads for diseases you should ask your doctor about to see if this or that drug is right for you, watching TV can be quite amusing. Like this morning, I turned it on while I was changing the sheets, trying to stay current in case a van ran into a crowd of revelers or someone assassinated Rachel Maddow, when an  unseen narrator in a TV commercial for a product I can't recall intoned, "while 83% of Americans try to eat healthy every day, 90% of them don't get the daily nutrition they need." Or something like that. Then the news came on and I was told that "several surveys report 76% of Americans are sick and tired of the Russia story and don't care about it at all."

Nobody asked me either of those things, so I'm wondering if my answer would change anything. Or, what about me and my husband, because nobody asked him either. Anyway, I am definitely sick of the Russia story, so I'm one of that 76%. As for the other thing, I do try to eat healthy, but is it all for naught since I'm not getting the nutrition I need, or am I one of the 10% who do? Because if I'm one of the 83% who don't I'd rather have a chocolate-chip muffin for breakfast and skip the oatmeal and poached egg, at least for a couple of mornings. I mean if I'm not getting the nutrition anyway....

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