Monday, June 5, 2017

Life Could Be A Dream

Everyone dies. Get that through your head.
This morning over coffee, through the magic of Facebook, I learned of a particular death that blew my mind and breaks my heart. The son of one of my best friends from grade school, high school, and onward until right now -- a young man in his thirties, father of two small children, literally in the prime of life -- suffered a sudden heart attack and died yesterday, and I have no words to comfort her.

It was easy back in the day to help her get through a breakup with this guy or that guy: "Oh forget him, another one will come along and he'll be much better." And it always turned out to be true. Not this time. This time my mind's a blank. I have nothing prepared since this is not the way things are supposed to go.

Today I'm sad for her, and sad for me too: I have my own son. He could die. Then what? If only we could get it through our heads that everyone dies -- at any time, at any age -- and not be stunned, shocked and outraged when someone close to us who isn't supposed to actually does, life could be a dream.

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