Saturday, June 17, 2017

Enough Pride Already

I invited friends for dinner tonight but they couldn't make it because they had to go and be proud of their gayness at some event. They weren't sure where it was or when, but it was definitely for gays and for being proud, so they are coming to dinner tomorrow instead.

For reasons that escape me, all gay people are very proud of engaging in sex with people of their same gender. Fine, if that makes them proud, go for it. But does everyone else have to hear about it constantly, as if all gays are superheroes owing to their sexual orientation? It's just sex! It's not feeding starving children or ending war or structuring peace in the Middle East or solving climate change or ending famine or eradicating disease or solving homelessness or easing drug addiction or even finding a way for the Democrats to get along with the Republicans, it's about getting laid. Enough already.

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