Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fake Estate Agents

For about one year I worked as a real estate agent, which is a complete misnomer since so much surrounding that profession is fake. I quit when I finally understood that lying was an essential part of the job. After all, my boss explained, you need to get people to come to an Open House, and they won't come if you say the place is a dump the size of a postage stamp. So you say it's a palace. They'll find out the truth eventually so it's a victimless crime.

Fixer-upper with a view.
Today my husband and I checked out a condo in Florida, just in case we ever enact our plan to maybe someday own a condo in Florida. The place looked great online, and the agent talked it up on the phone, but she neglected so many things, like the lack of a front door into the building causing you to enter through the parking garage, and that the "great ocean view" was actually hidden behind a cement wall, and that the building's bathtub-sized swimming pool was directly in front of our teeny, tiny terrace, so close that if someone were swimming in the pool and we were on that terrace, we would likely get splashed. You know, boring stuff like that.

We left unsure of which we disliked more, the agent or the condo.

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