Monday, January 9, 2017

What's Good for the Goose.....

Even scarier than "The Twilight Zone."
A dear friend of mine who I love and respect recently bemoaned the fact that six of Trump's cabinet appointees are scheduled to have confirmation hearings all on the same day. This is purportedly being done to speed up the bullshit process, but my friend and many others just like him see it as an "ultra-expedited" ploy to make proper vetting of the nominees virtually impossible, thus ushering in further evil to the already devil-ridden Trump administration.

I gotta say, he had me going there for awhile, not all the way to pulling my hair out but certainly duly alarmed. Until this morning, when I read the following in today's Wall Street Journal:
      "Holding five or more confirmation hearings on a single day has precedent; it occurred for both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Still, many Democrats say holding that many hearings at once  (Please see SENATE page A4)"

I saw no reason to read further. Can you blame me?

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  1. there are only going to be 4-and-a-half on Wednesday . . . and yup! I saw the same thing - - but i did turn the page just to see how stupid it really was