Monday, January 23, 2017

Leave Me Out of It, Starting Now

Please stop, I tell myself. Just stop, and think about it: When was the last time your life was impacted in any way by who occupied the Oval Office? Never, that's when.

I know this is not true for many other people, the poor and huddled masses, the knocked-up teenage girls, married gays, anyone confused about which bathroom to use, families on welfare etc., but it's true for me and thus I have nothing to add to the fray. Nothing but sarcasm and wisecracks and wry observations. Like a wheelchair-bound paraplegic at Radio City Music Hall offering dancing tips to the Rockettes, I (and people like me, i.e. most people) should just STFU on the whole entire subject.

Some folks I know (I won't name names but they have the same last name as me and their first names are Keith and Randy) have made armchair politics a full-time job. Even though they are not members of the aforementioned groups who are most affected by government policies, and even though they are not lawyers working pro bono to help the poor and disadvantaged, and even though they have paying jobs and food on the table for themselves and their families, still they spend their days finding ways to denigrate the new president (like that helps anything), researching old photos that may be incriminating, old statements uttered long before Trump had any thoughts of running for office, in fact any old piece of shit about him and his family, then posting the detritus Facebook.

What they hope to accomplish I have no idea, since everyone of their ilk already hates Trump as much as they do and anyone who doesn't cannot be swayed by loony lefties. Thus their toil amounts to little more than busy work that allows them to feel superior because they are "involved in the political process."

My goal is to become uninvolved, and the sooner the better.

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  1. but here you are still writing on the subject. It's hard to look away! The best part of trump winning is that it is endlessly absorbing, both what he does and how others react . . . horror shows and comedies are both entertaining, we just don't know which yet . . . the story even has a cliff-hanger