Saturday, January 21, 2017

Check Your Trump Status

Seeking to understand the intense level of hatred so many Americans feel for Donald Trump, a man they have never met in person and never will, and about whom they know nothing for sure and instead believe whatever trash they read in the slanted press, my morning perusal of Facebook finally opened my eyes, leading me to say, "I get it!" And here it is: The worse your own life is going, the more you hate Trump. And the better your life is going, the more you hate Trump. It's that simple. Two distinct things led to this "Eureka!" moment.

The first was the action of a physically sick and increasingly bitter man I know who posted the entire, sexually-debasing screed about women that Donald Trump recorded in an interview on shock-jock Howard Stern's radio show more than a decade ago as his own status on Facebook! No matter that Trump, older and wiser, was sworn in as POTUS yesterday; this guy is stuck in the past, probably back when he was healthy and more optimistic about life.

The second was the action of one of my dearest friends who is happy almost all the time, has a contagiously cheerful outlook on life, has been in a solid relationship for over a decade and loves his job. He probably wants things to stay just as they are, and I can't blame him. He has been devoted to our outgoing president for the last eight years and yesterday replaced his own Facebook profile photo with one of Barack Obama.

So I guess I'm somewhere in the middle, since I couldn't care less about the whole damn thing. Whatever happens happens. Trump is my president now, and yours, like it or not. More importantly, for the third morning in a row my left hand hurts like hell when I wake up. This lasts for a couple of hours, and it's got me worried. My husband thinks I must have pulled a muscle at the gym in the last week and I think he's right. I'm alternating ice and heat to calm it down.

That's my status. What's yours?

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