Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abortions R Us

Americans are in a tizzy over abortion. Those on the left want to make sure they can always get one, and in fact millions of women marched (actually they sauntered and strolled, I saw very little actual marching) to show their manic devotion to that medical procedure allowing them to enjoy sex without consequences, while those on the right think it is abhorrent to murder defenseless little babies in the womb.

I certainly ran with the pro-abortion pack during my sexual revolution days. (I won't go into details but let's just say I had a running tab at Planned Parenthood.) But once I gave birth to a human being who turned out to be one of God's greatest creations and without whom my life would be all but meaningless, I started to be more sympathetic to those anti-abortion ladies. Not all the way to agreeing with them, but at least able to see their point. Now the issue is crouching in the back of many brains, ready to spring into action against a Vice-President who is clearly anti-abortion and a Congress that just last week approved a bill barring taxpayer money to fund the procedure.

I can't imagine anything changing the way things are right now, since clearly we do love our abortions, but I do wonder, sometimes, if murdering unborn babies (come on, let's at least call a spade a spade and drop that whole "pro-choice" bullshit) is why we have horrendous plagues like cancer and other horrible diseases. Is God pissed at us? Just wondering.

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