Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wanting Less in 2017

These look yummy, right?
Another new year is almost here, one full of clean calendar pages totally unstained by cross-outs of cancelled plans, and Mitch and I are bracing ourselves by staying home, which is fine since we attended a pre-New Year's Eve party last night and that's enough for me, not being much of a party animal. I don't even know if I had a good time or not, since I just don't get what is supposed to go on at those things and how you're supposed to behave.

Anyway, I found something exciting amid all the typical party food-- the regulation veggies and dips and chips and hummus and shrimp, etc. It was a platter of those pigs-in-a-poke (a.k.a. pigs in a blanket), little franks wrapped in pastry. I love those and never have them, probably because we never had them when I was a kid since they were deemed "goyish" by my snooty, kosher family. (Many kosher people are snooty, believing that they really do answer to a higher authority just like in those old Hebrew National hot dog commercials.) The ones they served last night were tasty although cold by the time I got to them, still they gave rise to my one and only new year's resolution: To make a batch of those babies, but make them better. And eat them when they're hot. With mustard, which almost goes without saying, but in case you're going to quote me I'll add that.

That's it. After all my reading on Buddhism and meditating and mindfulness I've concluded that the secret to happiness is lowering one's expectations, and so I'm starting right away.

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