Friday, September 23, 2016

The High Cost of Supplies

Last month I spent 36 hours at Portland's Maine Medical Center, considered to be one of the best hospitals around these parts, some might even argue the best. When the bill detailing the charges for that blurry day-and-a-half showed up, I found it oddly mysterious. It certainly does not call a spade "a spade," and leaves me wondering about the difference between "Medications" and "Physical Medicine." And just what were those "Miscellaneous Professional Services"? Could that be when the nurse helped me to the bathroom or brought me an extra blanket?

Fortunately I will not have to pay the entire bill, having health insurance, but still part of it falls into my lap, or actually my husband's lap since he makes the real money around here. (I'm still waiting for the lousy $87.50, after the gallery's cut, from the sale of my last painting.) The hospital's Mystery Charges are listed below, leaving me to guess exactly what cost what:
One of the "supplies."

Surgical Fee for Total Hip Arthoplasty: $2,989.00
Miscellaneous Professional Services: $652.50
Recovery Room: $544.50
Medications: $439.56
Pharmacy Service: $349.29
Pharmacy Service: $1,019.43
Physical Medicine: $619.00
X-Ray: $183.00
Laboratory Service: $140.00
Semi-private Room: $1,775.00
Operating Room Service: $4,686.00
Supplies: $16,960.00
Supplies: $1,612.71
Anesthesia Service: $1,015.00 

Funny thing is, I was only charged for a semi-private room but I actually had a private room; who knows what that would have cost! This got me wondering if there were any other errors, but I'm not going down that road. My new hip (see photo) seems to work and that's that.

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