Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Iranian President

Oh, how we all laughed!
There was all that talk so many years ago about Obama being from Kenya. True or false, that never bothered me one bit. But lately it seems clear that, wherever he was born, Obama must be of Iranian descent. That would explain why he is so hot to help Iran build up their nuclear weapons capability.

His latest deal, wherein "the White House" agreed to buy thirty-two tons of Iran's heavy water to "buttress the Iranian economy" and help them stick to the no-nukes-for-ten-years agreement they signed last year, seems ill-advised at best. I readily admit to knowing next to nothing about any of this except what is reported in the news, which is likely just the teeniest tip of a gigantic iceberg. Still, it seems to me that nine years from now Iran is going to have one mother of a nuclear bomb. (I guess by then Barack will be living over there, so he's likely not too worried about being burned to a crisp or blown to smithereens, whichever happens first.)

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