Friday, April 8, 2016

Hillary Does New Yawk

Oh my God!!!!!!
 Yesterday Hillary Clinton rode the subway in New York City. This momentous event was covered by the media with roughly the same excitement and intensity as the 1969 moon landing. It was played repeatedly on TV, reported all day on the radio, and this morning I found a photo suitable for framing of Hil exiting the subway at 161 Street & River Avenue in the Bronx on the front page of my newspaper. 

With the April 19 New York primary approaching, the stunt was Hillary's bald-faced attempt to convince New Yorkers that she's a real New Yorker, like Bernie Sanders actually is and of course she is not. Not only was she stumped by swiping her fare card, failing the first four times (which might be understandable since she has not ridden the subway since 1993), but she got off in the Bronx, which any real New Yorker knows is asking for trouble unless you're going to a Yankees game. Thankfully she had an entourage and several bodyguards with her -- just like your typical New Yorker.

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  1. Can one love Brooklyn, HATE Manhattan, and be scared of the Bronx... all without ever stepping on a NYC Subway?
    I love the DC Metro. It's a bastion of safety and order. The one time I fled the NYC subway system (never having stepped on board a train), it was because I noticed the vast differences between the two systems.