Monday, April 11, 2016

Buried Thoughts

Finally, my blog readership is dropping. This is good news since it means the only people reading are those who really enjoy my writing. Still, there is the occasional Anonymous asshole who stumbles in, but those are rare, thankfully, and to be expected in a world so overpopulated.

What I am working towards is few to no readers, at which point I can really let myself go and say whatever the heck I want. I tried that this past weekend at a meditation retreat. The instruction came from the retreat leader, who called the exercise "journalling." We were told to pick up our writing instrument and then after a signal from him, write non-stop whatever came into our heads and out our hands, without self-censoring. This was quite liberating, and actually unearthed a couple of thoughts I had no idea I was harboring.

One involved someone I know who reads this blog, and I might as well tell her here and now that I am uncomfortable buying that t-shirt you asked me to get for you. I don't really want to lie about it and then have to trot off to the post office and mail it to you and have you reimburse me when you might just as easily--actually it's a lot easier-- order it from the source directly and leave me out of it.

Funny how the mind works. I had no idea I felt that way.


  1. OK! In the spirit of leaving you alone, please discount when I stop in and read. I'm going to stop in anyway, but please don't count it.


    1. Ted! You are my favorite reader, don't ever stop! I love your comments, I would be bereft without them. !!!!!!

  2. this reminds me of that satirical article about how Stanford became the most selective university in the nation, by not letting anyone in at all. Other schools are trying to figure out how to top that!