Friday, October 17, 2014

The Root of All Evil

When I opened my recently closed art gallery last June, I spent about $1,000 on three signs, two out on the road and one over my front door. I paid to have them made and the manufacturer installed them as part of the fee. Now that I have gone belly up, they'll have to come down.

Today the landlord's representative called to say that if I wanted my signs back I would have to pay to have them taken down. Otherwise, they would take them down (anyway) and throw them in the trash.

Me: You mean you will take them down either way, but if I want them back, since I own them, I will have to pay you for them?
Them: Well, someone has to pay for the cost of the labor to take them down.
Me: But if I won't pay then you will take them down anyway, right?
Them: Yes, but we will discard them.

I believe this is the root of all evil.


  1. Unfortunately this was a truly crazy and a particularly graphic example of all the evil which exists in our world But surely "the root of ALL evil" was hyperbole. :-)

    1. You are right, but would you click to read a story entitled "A Sort of Mean Thing"?