Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fat Women in Bikinis

Fat women in bikinis, sitting down and eating.
Recently a friend suggested that this blog might be a good venue for a critique of a YouTube video he saw about fat women wearing bikinis at the beach. He sent me the link and I watched it, and indeed there was a fat woman in a bikini. She claimed the reason she wears one in public is because she has just as much right as anyone else to do so, and that "she doesn't give a shit," and "if you don't like it, fuck you." Her potty-mouth reminded me of my husband's cousin who is also fat and foul-mouthed, making me think that being overweight causes distress.

As for my fat people phobia: I don't care how they look, which is bad, and I don't care how they talk, even when they curse a lot; who doesn't? What I dislike about the obese, besides the obvious threat to their health, is what they had to do to get that way and how hard they have to work to stay that way. Keeping your weight up doesn't come easy: you've got to spend a lot of time eating, and sitting, and sitting down and eating some more, and then lying down and maybe even eating more, and that just seems like a terrible waste of time, and life, and an insult to God.

They can dress how they like, although I must say that fat women in bikinis, while grossly unattractive, perform a valuable service for mankind, helping the rest of us to eat better lest we end up looking like that.

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