Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Obama Hath Wrought

Today I drove into Portland for an appointment and took the Interstate. At the exit leading into the city, there were no less than six people, all under the age of 40, standing at different corners and holding signs that said things like: "Homeless,"  "Homeless not Hopeless" and "Need Help Whatever You Can."

When I got back home I did my daily search online for writing jobs, and came across the following under the heading of Volunteers:

Pertaining to wealthy people

Hello I am asking for a donation of money if possible. I am trying to start my own business but it's very complicated because I am on SSI and I can only keep up to 2,000 dollars in the bank (until I am off). It also makes it hard to get enough money to eat and survive because I can't have a job, save money, or do anything to risk the SSI, or I wont be able to continue school (with a grant). So I am attending classes underfunded and I can't really afford much food and keep getting stuck in bad apartments --- anyways I am really ready to start my own business but I have no way of getting up there on SSI -- and I'm not getting rid of SSI, because then I would have to pay for my school on my own. I'm hoping someone can give me a bunch of money so I can be all set and leave all this hassle alone. Thanks 

 You just can't make this stuff up.

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