Friday, December 27, 2013

Smarten Up in 2014

                                                                             Gordon Studer
I may be alone in this, but I'm getting downright sick of the Internet. It seems to be going the way of television, which is to say full of junky, inane, stupid stuff--this blog is part of it, lest you were having that same thought--that purports to be so important but rarely is. For example, it cracks me up when I see story headlines like, "The Secret to Perfect Turkey Gravy." If it's such a damn secret, then how can it be in that article? And really, who cares, and if you do, get a cookbook.

Today I saw one entitled, "7 Secrets to Liven Your Libido." Again, not too secret if it's right there on the Huffington Post. Anyway, I didn't click since I hate the word libido; why not just say sex life? Who am I, Sigmund Freud? Besides, my libido is unlike anyone else's, which is true for all of us, so how would they know what will turn me on? Maybe I like men in clown suits, which by the way I don't so save your money, Mitch.

Anyway, in the interest of de-junking the Internet, next year The Daily Droid will begin to tackle serious subjects with the intention of adding a dollop of intelligence to the virtual world. Until then it will continue to be meaningless drivel like it is right now.

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