Friday, December 6, 2013

Liar in Chief

I don't care a whit if Obama met his uncle or never met his uncle, or if his uncle was deported or should be deported or lives in a hut in the middle of Boston or a mansion in Beverly Hills. But it scares me that the President of the United States is always claiming he "never knew, he wasn't told, he hadn't heard" about every damn thing that makes him look bad. Where is he all the time--in the bathroom? Taking long showers? Out on the golf course? How does he miss so much when ordinary citizens hear about all this stuff all the time?

The latest kerfuffle involves his deadbeat Uncle Omar who was arrested for drunk driving in 2011 and had a deportation hearing this week that might have resulted in his being tossed out of the country. Obama said they never met, but it turns out he lived with Uncle Omar for a month while he was a student at Harvard--if he ever really was a student at Harvard, or anywhere--but he forgot. Oh no, he was never asked, that's it, and his press office said that. They hadn't researched it enough. Or something. It's like having Jon Lovitz for president. Yeah, that's what it's like.....

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