Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life in a Small Town

It seems that nothing goes unnoticed here in the sleepy little town of Freeport, Maine, even this silly blog which my son calls my "diary." That lady I already don't like and who already told me she thought one of my blog posts was "not nice" has apparently emailed the link around to all the other ladies who congeal within the so-called Community Center, and they managed to find another post they found equally, if not more offensive; in fact, it was the icing on the cake! I'm guessing they drew straws and decided who should call me, and the unlucky loser just did, informing me that "we don't support that kind of thing" and "we have no need for your kind anymore." Those were her exact words. (Never mind that one week ago when I agreed to come in and help, she fairly gushed, "You are so fabulous--thank you for being you!")

The caller was one Miss Debbie D., who has the imposing title of Volunteer Coordinator at my last--and I do mean last--local volunteer effort, although the term coordinator is far from accurate. Miss Debbie, who is actually a human but somehow manages to look like she was drawn by Charles Schultz and lives somewhere in Lucy's neighborhood with the rest of the Peanuts gang, is always breathless and frazzled due to her unbelievably stressful job of lining up a bunch of ladies to come on time and hang around and gossip over coffee and donuts, ostensibly "raising money for the needy" by selling donated old household items. I am pretty sure that "firing" me today took it out of her, and surely she went home early.

Anyway, who knew I had so many unwanted readers? (This one is especially for them.)

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