Friday, September 13, 2013

I Want More Out of Life

It seems the older I get, the more I'm disappointed. One recent letdown arrived in the form of an email describing the grim details of my upcoming 50th high-school reunion, which until then I had planned on attending. You'd think that for those of us who are still alive, and with the means to travel and the ability to still walk, the doings would be pretty special. However, this is what is on the docket for the three-day event:

Friday night: A pizza party in the school gymnasium, no alcohol permitted on school grounds. Even though we are all 67 years old and some of us could die any minute, and that could be our last party.
Saturday: A walk around town, maybe with a town historian if there is such a person, to see the sights, of which there are none.
Saturday night: Cocktails and a buffet dinner at the local Best Western hotel.
Sunday morning: Nothing, but you are invited to have brunch with your friends on your own anywhere you like.

It went on: There might be pictures from the old days arranged in fancy frames in the gym, if somebody donates the frames. You maybe can have your picture taken in a 1964 model car, if someone has such a car and gets it there. There might be a golf game on Saturday if enough people are interested and want to play. Maybe that sounds good to someone, but not to me. Call me madcap, but I think after 50 years, we all deserve more fun than that.

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