Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding Purpose

Sometimes Buddhist monks just wanna have fun....
I'm guessing most of us were taught to believe that life should be fun and that recreation is our God-given right, and thus a lofty goal. This surely explains why there are 649 roller coasters in America. At an average cost of $15 million each to construct, these feats of engineering serve no purpose other than to thrill the rider for approximately three minutes. And when they are not on roller coasters, or waiting in line to get on one, many of the people who might otherwise be saving the world or feeding the poor or finding a cure for cancer are instead playing Candy Crush and Words With Friends and Farmville on their iPhone toys. This is a shame, since our world is riddled with horrendous problems, none of which the iPhone can solve despite the fact that it's now available in fun colors and an unbreakable plastic case with a fingerprint recognition locking device.

Personally, I am sick and tired of recreating. I've done it to death, and by the time you are in your sixth decade, which I am, having fun is just not all that much fun. In fact, it's boring. What we crave at this stage of life, especially if we are retired or just plain unemployed, is Purpose and Meaning and a Reason To Get Up In The Morning. I'm still searching for those. I'm not sure where to look anymore, although I won't be checking atop the world's tallest coaster, the 456-feet high Kingda Ka at Six Flags Adventure in New Jersey, the thrill of which is reported to last 28 seconds. I've got lots more time to fill than that.

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