Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sorry, I'm Not Pinterested

First there was MySpace, which I knew about because my son was in high school. Then there was Facebook, and by then my son was in college so I was again up to speed. Now my son is in real life and I no longer know what's cool or in or hip or trendy. I don't even know the correct words for those things. I think "ill" is one, like instead of something being cool it is ill, but don't use it without checking. Anyway, I certainly can't keep up on my own; I don't even want to. But still, I'm at a dangerous age: one clumsy stumble and the stampede could trample me to death. Which reminds me, I don't know what StumbleUpon or StumbleOn or whatever it's called does. I also don't tweet, although I know what Twitter is and that its CEO is a billionaire under 27, most likely, which is so ridiculous I can't stand it.

Now there's something called Pinterest, and I don't know what it is either and I don't care. Really. Don't tell me. Here's what I do know: You go to the website and sign up and then you can post things that you like, just like on a real bulletin board except everyone else in the entire world with an account there can see it. Who does such a thing? What is this obsession with everyone knowing everything about everyone? Why do we need to know what you did last night or, in the case of Twitter, just in the last few seconds? Who needs to see pictures of your breakfast? (My son and husband have both been known to do this, and it scares me.)

Anyway, I'm all for forward progress and I understand how the Internet is great for doing business and finding medical advice and seeing your grandchildren on Skype from your hospital bed and all that good stuff, but the whole "Like this" business makes me want to puke, which believe me I hate doing and have only done once since I was nine years old, which is why I now get a flu shot every winter.

Anyway, please don't try to explain it to me and tell me how great it is because I am not Pinterested. Ha, that's cute, maybe I should start a site called Punster or or JokeyMama or No, too long. Maybe it should be called TeeHee or Titter...that's it, Titter, to compete with Twitter! I love that! I bet it already exists.

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