Thursday, March 22, 2012

Running for Office

I read this morning that somebody donated $1 million to Rick Santorum's campaign yesterday, to be spent on an ad blitz telling us all how despicable the other candidates are and how great Rick Santorum is. Then last night I saw Fred Thompson on television in Law & Order, and remembered how in 2008 the former senator from Tennessee was "the next big thing" who would surely revolutionize politics. Then I remembered my Perot button.


  1. hey, what are you crazy? you have a lot of nice jewelry and the next thing you know one of your crazy readers is going to rob your house. In which drawer is all this stuff?

  2. but I like your train of thought.....

  3. Debra, this is Maine! That doesn't happen here. Anyway, nobody would ever find this stuff, half the time I can't remember where it is....